Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Butter

Ashgrove unslated butterCreamy and Golden!

Our butter is creamy and has a natural rich golden colour that can only come from cows that are pasture fed. Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Butter is award winning butter. Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm butter is sought after, because of it natural flavour, creamy texture and purity. There are no additives or colourings which makes it ideal for cooking and for eating.


Ashgrove Butter FarmhouseAshgrove Tasmanian Farmhouse Butter

This is our award winning gold medal traditional butter. It is lightly salted and is luxurious, creamy and tasty.

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Ashgrove Butter UnsaltedAshgrove Tasmanian Farm Unsalted Butter

Our unsalted butter is ideal for cooking. Used in many top kitchens for making delicate sauces and baking it is an essential ingredient in the kitchen.

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Ashgrove Butter Herb GarlicAshgrove Tasmanian Farm Herb & Garlic Butter

Our herb & garlic butter is a gold medal award winning butter infused with aromatic dried herbs and garlic. It has bold flavour that is conveniently ‘ready to go’. Just cut and serve for easy to make garlic & herb pizza, garlic bread. Slice and top your steak, BBQ prawns, grilled chicken, mushrooms, asparagus or mix in mashed potato.

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Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Cultured Butter

Our cultured butter is a traditional French style butter that has a distinctive and slightly tangy taste. We add a special culture to the cream which is left to naturally sour over 24 before it is churned.

It is delicious on fresh bread and is used in premium kitchens for making beautiful silky sauces. It has low moisture for high smoking point, perfect for sautéing and gives a superior sheen to chocolate.

Our Product Range

  • 250g portion
  • 250g butter roll
  • 1kg rw block
  • 2kg rw block
  • 17kg rw block
  • Butter Milk
  • 2 litre bottle
  • 10 litre bladder


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