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Signature Range - Collection


Welcome to our Signature Collection

Since 1908, our dairy herds have grazed the unique ryegrass found only at 41 degrees latitude to produce golden, nutrient-dense milk. 

Our Signature collection is cheese with provenance, where every flavor note, and nuance can be traced back to our family farms.


  • Eddington Farm Cheddar Cloth Mature 200g
    • Aged 24-36 months
    • Firm yet flakey and exceptionally buttery, with notes of fruity caramel and Ashgrove Terra Firma.
  • Eddington Farm Vintage Cheddar 200g
    • Aged 18–24 months
    • Impeccably aged for powerful flavour and the perfect crumble
  • Cloverfield Farm Double Gloucester 200g
    • Aged 12–18 months
    • Smooth, mellow and nutty with a refreshing citrus finish.
  • Eddington Farm Mature Cheddar 200g
    • Aged 12–18 months
    • Smooth and milky with hints of sweetgrass and clover
  • Hermiston Farm Bush Lancashire 200g
    • Aged 10–18 months
    • Crumbly and delicious with hints of herbs, whey and berries
  • Rubicon Farm Red Leicester 200g
    • Aged 12–18 months
    • Naturally amber with a dense, sweet and nutty appeal

There are six farms and four dairies in the Ashgrove family.

Some are right next door to world heritage-listed wilderness sites. Others sit pretty on the banks of rivers or between towering bluffs. All Ashgrove farms are exceptionally fertile thanks to our 41° latitude™ and management practices.

Here in Tassie, a cool temperate climate nurtures slow-growing grasses that are naturally packed with nutrition. Our lucky cows graze these lush pastures in expansive, open paddocks, free to roam as nature intended. You can see the golden glow in their milk from all those minerals!

Our farms are managed with respect for the soil, pastures, trees, wildlife and waterways. We use traditional fertilisers and never use GMO anything. We proactively fence off native bush and waterways to support a thriving local ecosystem.

By taking a localised approach to dairy farming, we keep food miles low. So low we can even measure it in metres. Freshness is high, and a deep connection with our cows front and centre. That’s our kind of provenance.


Our products are packed with gel ice bricks to keep the products cool in transit 🚚

All orders requiring gel ice bricks can not be shipped via parcel post.

Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!