Aussie Family Dairy Bundle

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Are you craving some Tassie dairy treats? 🧀

Fresh from the farm 🐮, our latest family bundle is loaded with creamy butter, scrumptious cheese and AmazeBalls – our delicious crunchy cheese snacks 😋

Delight your family, colleagues or friends with a family bundle today!

The products are packed in a thermal heat shield pouch and ice bricks to keep the products cool.


1 x 250g Traditional Farmhouse Tasmanian Butter
1 x 250g Herb and Garlic Tasmanian Farm Butter

1 x 400g Deloraine Red Waxed Cheddar
3 x 140g English Farmhouse Cheeses – Double Gloucester, Rubicon Red, Bush Pepper

1 x 200g Heavenly Continental Havarti Cheese
2  x AmazeBalls Crunchy Cheese Snack 40-50g


Our products are packed with gel ice bricks to keep the products cool in transit 🚚

All orders requiring gel ice bricks can not be shipped via parcel post.

Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!