Zoom Signature Range - Luxurious Entertaining

Signature Range - Luxurious Entertaining


Welcome to our Signature Range

Since 1908, our dairy herds have grazed the unique ryegrass found only at 41 degrees latitude to produce golden, nutrient-dense milk.  The result is cheese with provenance, where every flavor note and nuance can be traced back to our family farms.

A luxurious hamper for fans of artisan cheese and delectable estate chardonnay.

  • Ashgrove Signature Cloverfield Double Gloucester 200g
    • Aged 12–18 months
    • Smooth, mellow, and nutty with a refreshing citrus finish.
  • Ashgrove Signature Rubicon Farm Red Leicester 200g
    • Aged 12–18 months
    • Naturally amber with a dense, sweet, and nutty appeal.
  • Ashgrove Signature Crunchettes Black Truffle 40g
    • Crunchettes are light and savoury snacks with a touch of sophistication. Made with pure Ashgrove cheddar cheese, popped and rolled in indulgent black truffle seasoning.
  • Ashgrove Signature Apricot Chutney 240g
    • Stunning apricot chutney produced from Tasmanian grown apricots we believe it to be the perfect cheese accompaniment.
  • Ashgrove Signature Chia Seed, Salt & Pepperberry Crackers 150g
    • Beautifully crafted crackers for our cheese.
  • Paired with a stunning world-class 2019  Chardonnay from Bream Creek Tasmania Vineyard.