Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Milk

Ashgrove milk rangeFrom Grass to Cow to You

The Ashgrove milk label sums up our milk production perfectly ‘naturally farm fresh milk straight from the cows’.

Delivered daily from the dairy straight to the factory for bottling, we don’t add anything to our milk as we believe it is perfect just the way it is.  No permeate no milk solids or diluents.

It is perfect for drinking, making fresh curd and baking.  Our superior creamy flavour, and silky, glossy textured when steamed is ideal for making the perfect coffee.


AshgroveAshgrove Tasmanian Farm Green milk

Our non-homogenised milk is in its natural state.  It has not been homogenized and you will notice that natural cream will float to the top.



AshgroveAshgrove Tasmanian Farm Full Cream Milk

Our full cream milk has a creamy and rich flavour which can only come from grass fed cows.  Our full cream milk is pasteurised and homogenised which evenly distributes the cream throughout the milk.



AshgroveAshgrove Tasmanian Farm Light

Our farm light milk has had some natural cream removed to reduce the fat content.  At 1% reduced fat content it maintains quality and flavour.   Ashgrove Tasmanian farm light won the best Light milk in Australian 2012 (you can see our awards here).


Our Milk Product Range – all products are permeate free

  • 300ml bottle
  • 1lt bottle
  • 2lt bottle
  • 3lt bottle
  • 10lt bladder

Ashgrove flavoured milk rangeAshgrove Tasmanian Farm Flavoured Milk

‘High in Calcium’

Our flavoured milk is made with fresh milk that has been delivery straight from the dairy. Ashgrove Flavoured milk is high in calcium and 99% fat free.  Our flavoured milk is wholesome, nutritious and made without adding artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.

Chocolate - You will love the smooth creamy taste of our chocolate milk.

Coffee – Give your day a boost with a coffee hit.

Strawberry – A strawberry smoothie with a taste of summer.

Our Flavoured Milk Product Range – all products are permeate free

  • 300ml
  • 500ml
  • 2lt

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