Ashgrove Eco-Milk™ is a world first! Maintaining the rich, creamy flavour and taste you love while significantly reducing environmental impact. Ashgrove Eco-Milk™ allows consumers to enjoy their favourite milk while contributing to a healthier planet.

Imagine enjoying your favourite milk while also contributing to a healthier planet. That's precisely what Ashgrove Eco-Milk™ delivers! Made possible by Asparagopsis, a native Tasmanian red seaweed, our eco-cows can produce milk with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Ashgrove Managing Director Richard Bennett champions this breakthrough as more than just another dairy product—it's a solution to a global challenge. We’re forging a more sustainable future by teaming up with SeaForest, a 2023 The Earthshot Prize finalist and leading Tasmanian science-based environmental technology company.

Our Eco-Milk™ cows continue to graze freely on lush, fresh grass, and during milking, they savour a nutritious muesli mix with the addition of SeaFeed™. This results in 'burps' with lower methane emissions. It's a win-win for our cows and the environment, highlighting our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

This milestone marks a significant achievement in combating climate change: Ashgrove Eco-Milk™ is the world's first commercially available fresh milk produced with lower emissions. It represents a monumental step forward in reducing our herd's methane footprint without compromising milk quality, offering consumers a delicious and eco-conscious choice.


What is Ashgrove Eco-Milk, and how is it different from regular milk?

Ashgrove Climate-Friendly Eco-Milk is milk that's made with care for the environment. It's milk but with a sustainable twist. We’ve partnered with Tassie company Sea Forest to feed our cows their special supplement called SeaFeedTM, which is derived from Asparagopsis – a red seaweed native to the waters of Tasmania.

How does SeaFeed™ help reduce cow methane emissions and benefit the environment?

SeaFeedTM is like a magic ingredient for our cows! Eating it helps them produce less methane gas, which is great for the planet because methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases. In fact, over 20 years, methane has 81 times the global warming impact of carbon dioxide[1]. So, our cows are not only happy but also helping to combat climate change.

1 * IPCC (2013) AR5 WG. “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis - Anthropogenic and Natural Radiative Forcing Supplementary Material”. Cambridge University Press.

Why did Ashgrove decide to start making climate-friendly milk?

We love our planet, and we know you do too! Making climate-friendly milk with SeaFeedTM is our way of reducing the impact of farming on the environment. It's like our way of giving back to Mother Earth.

Is Eco-Milk as delicious as regular milk, and what do kids think about it?

Absolutely! Our Climate-Friendly Eco-Milk tastes just as delicious as regular milk, and kids love it too. You won't notice the difference, except for the good feeling you get from helping the environment.

How does Ashgrove ensure the cows are happy and well cared for while producing this milk?

Happy cows make better milk! Our cows live in a comfortable and natural environment with plenty of space to roam and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. We take excellent care of them, ensuring their well-being.

Can I use Ashgrove Eco-Milk for all my favourite recipes, and my morning cereal?

Yes, you can! You can use Climate-Friendly Eco-Milk in all your favourite recipes and pour it over your cereal just like regular milk. It's versatile, tastes great, and is perfect for all occasions.

What sets Ashgrove apart regarding sustainability and eco-friendly farming practices?

We believe in caring for our land, cows, and community. Using SeaFeedTM and other sustainable practices, we're doing our part to protect the planet and promote eco-friendly farming.

Does choosing Ashgrove Eco-Milk make a significant difference in reducing greenhouse gas emissions? 

Every small step counts! By choosing Ashgrove Climate-Friendly Eco-Milk, you're positively impacting the environment and helping reduce methane emissions. You can feel good about your choice every time you enjoy a glass of milk. It's a positive step toward a more sustainable future.

Who is SeaForest?

Based in Triabunna on Tasmania's east coast, Sea Forest is a science-based environmental technology company harnessing the power of Asparagopsis, an Australian seaweed, and developing scientifically proven methane-mitigating feed supplements to drive sustainable long-term solutions to the challenges of climate change and global food security. Learn more about them here: