Every day at Ashgrove starts in the same way: caring for our cows!

Milking happens at dawn, and our cows know the drill. They mosey along to the milking sheds, some still munching a mouthful of grass, and eagerly await udder relief.

They’re a gentle and happy lot, handled from birth in a low-stress and sensitive manner. Combined with a natural lifestyle roaming free on open pasture, it’s no wonder our cows give us liquid gold!

Ashgrove cows are a special combination of Brown Swiss, Jersey and Holstein-Friesian breeds. We chose Brown Swiss and Jersey for their sweet and creamy milk that’s higher in butterfat, and Holstein-Friesians for their robust physique and talent for production.

You’ll be pleased to know that we never dock tails or practise bobby calving. Our herds are allowed to birth naturally and have a milking schedule that supports mother and calf alike.

We’re always striving towards better animal husbandry, more sustainable practices and the most delicious milk in the world. And while we’re exceptionally proud of our thriving herds, we’ll never take their wellbeing for granted.


Cows are herbivores with 32 teeth. They chew about 50 times per minute and move their jaws approximately 40,000 times a day. What a workout!

Who do cows hang out with?

Udder cows.