AmazeBalls Help Power Polar Expeditioners

In November 2022 Climate Advocates, Doctors and Polar explorers, Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson, will set off to ski 2023km, pulling their 160kg sleds with all their supplies across Antarctica and Ashgrove AmazeBalls will be helping to fuel their journey!

AmazeBalls were selected by Expedition Manager and Dietician, Andrea Andrews, to be included in the strict daily rations. Our air-popped crunchy cheese snacks offer all the amazing nutritional benefits of cheese without the burden of additional weight for the expeditioners.

This unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica starts on the coast of the Weddell Sea on the edge of the Ronne Ice Shelf and finishes on the other side of the Antarctic continent at the base of the Reedy Glacier on the Ross Ice Shelf. They will endeavour to collect crucial climate data as they make their way slowly across the continent.

If successful, approximately 75 days later they will have achieved the longest ever unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica (2023km) and the first unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica by an Australian or a New Zealander whilst providing scientists with a unique dataset to help to address climate change.



You can follow along on the Andrews and Stephenson Expedition via their live blog and Instagram.

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