Champion Trophy for Ashgrove Pure Cream 🏆

Each year the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania (RAST) hosts the annual Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards. This event brings many judges from all over Australia (local and interstate), together to find Australia's best produce! and our Pure Cream took home the Champion trophy!

Ashgrove Pure Tasmanian cream from pasture-grazed cows. We skim the plush, creamy portion off the top of our milk and bottle it; that’s all there is to it. No artificial thickeners or gelatine, just naturally pourable goodness.

Established in 1995, the Awards are a significant food industry event, attracting entries from every corner of Tasmania, and all parts of Australia.​ A range of Ashgrove products were awarded medals throughout the judging process:

Ashgrove Pure Cream
Ashgrove Full Cream Milk
Ashgrove Farm Light ‘Pink Milk’
Ashgrove Farmhouse Butter
Signature Whitefoord Farm – Tasty Lancashire

Ashgrove Green Milk
Ashgrove Herb & Garlic Butter
Signature Eddington Farm – Vintage Cheddar
Signature Eddington Farm – Cloth-Matured Cheddar
Signature Cloverfield Farm – Double Gloucester
Signature Crunchettes – Parmesan
Signature Crunchettes – Red Wine & Thyme
Signature Crunchettes – Smoked Paprika
Signature Crunchettes – Black Truffle

Signature Parmesan
Signature Hermiston Farm – Bush Lancashire
Signature Rubicon – Cloth-Matured Red Leicester

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