Condiment Conundrum

Cheese is wonderful on its own, but like pairing the right wine with the right food, cheese condiments can bring out unique aspects of both the cheese and the condiment.

Similar to wine pairings, many things are taken into account when deciding what condiments fare best with which cheeses.

In some cases, the best idea is to find condiments that compliment the cheese, while with others, pairing with a contrasting flavour is more exciting.

We've curated some suggestions for you to try with your next cheese board!

 1. Signature Farmhouse Mustard with Cradle Mountain Tasmanian Double Gloucester

Signature Farmhouse Mustard and Cradle Mountain Double Gloucester
Double Gloucester’s complexity and slight nuttiness stands up to the robust tangy flavour of the Signature Farmhouse Mustard. Serve alongside crusty white bread for a real treat!

Smoked Havarti offers a unique opportunity to experiment with different flavours. Pair with Blackcurrant & Apple Jelly to highlight the smoothness of the Havarti, or try with a Whisky Marmalade to enhance the natural wood smoked flavour.

Raspberry Jam with Bush Pepper
Infused with Tasmanian Native Pepper harvested wild from native Tasmanian forests, our Bush Pepper cheese has a subtle spicy flavour which contrasts on the palate when matched with our Signature Raspberry Jam.

Cauliflower Relish and Rubicon Red
This cauliflower based relish has a slight kick thanks to an Indian-spiced vinegar used to craft it. The subtle spice pairs perfectly with our smooth Rubicon Red, especially on a toasted sandwich!

Onion Jam and Lake St. Clair Mature Cheddar
Sweet, sticky caramelized onion jam, it's like heaven in a jar! It's fantastic with an our Lake St. Clair Mature Cheddar, cured salami and crackers and is also a delicious addition to charcuterie boards with a variety of cured meats and rustic breads.

To put it simply, there is only one rule when it comes to matching condiments with different cheese and that is that the end result must be delicious! Let us know your favourite combinations!

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