The Udder Way

Did you know that more than 1 BILLION plastic milk bottles are used each year?

Sadly, less than 50% of plastic milk bottles are recycled, leaving a staggering amount assigned to landfill. 1 x 18L reusable keg eliminates the need to manufacture 7000 x 2L single-use bottles in its lifetime.

Ashgrove is proud to partner with The Udder Way to achieve their mission to remove 100 million of these bottles from the supply chain every year by implementing ground breaking 'Milk on Tap' systems. 

The Udder Way Kegs hold 18L of milk (the same amount as a crate of 2L milk bottles) and can be installed in around an hour. Milk on tap is a fantastic way to make the morning coffee rush more efficient and more profitable, all while doing your bit to save the planet.

Not a business owner, but still want to reduce your impact on the environment? No worries! You can now find Ashgrove Milk and The Udder Way at these legen-dairy venues right across Tasmania.


TCM Market – Lauderdale
Un Packed – Kingston
IGA Bay of Fires – St Helens
Ye Olde Green Grocer – Launceston
Earthy Eats – Launceston
muse.shearwater – Shearwater
Harvest and Light – Geeveston


How does it work?
Purchase a new glass bottle and fill it up using The Udder Way milk tap.
Take your glass bottle home and enjoy fresh Ashgrove milk!
Rinse the bottle and put it through the dishwasher or hand wash thoroughly with warm soapy water.
Return with your washed glass bottle and refill.

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