Hobart City Mission Safe Space Open Day

“Never underestimate the power of a smile and warm cup of tea!”

Hanna Richardson is the Program Co-ordinator at Hobart’s day Safe Space programs – and a firm believer in the restorative power of a gold old cuppa

Safe Space Team
 The team at Safe Space, led by Hanna Richardson (R)

“When some people think of homelessness they think ‘oh they’ve done it to themselves’ like it’s somehow a drug and alcohol related issue - but that is just not the case”

“Everybody here who is accessing our service is in some level of crisis” says Richardson

“And it feels good to walk away at the end of the day knowing that we have helped, people are safe and there are things going on in the background that will make a difference in their lives. You know, sometimes it may not be a huge difference, but it is a difference and we are doing something rather than nothing!”

The Safe Space program is a safe, 24-hour service for people who are experiencing homelessness in Hobart. Since its 2019 inception, the program has provided more than 16,500 individual night’s sleep for more than 550 Tasmanians going it tough.

The program is split into two separate locations and time slots, one for the day and one for the night.

The day program, located above Hobart City Mission’s 50 Barrack St office is open to anyone who needs a place of connection, a warm meal or to meet with housing service providers.

The night program, located in the former congregational church at 47 Davey St, Hobart is a place for people who are experiencing homelessness and sleeping rough. The space provides 40 beds for those going it tough, 365 days per year.

Safe Space
Hobart City Mission Safe Space

“No two days are ever the same!” says Richardson.

“During the day we’re a linking service, we link people with different services. Which could be health, housing, food, showers or clothes! Basically, any of the necessities of life that people take for granted. The amount of people that show up to Safe Space without even a tooth brush is just insane”

Ashgrove Cheese are proud supporters of the Day and Night Safe Space programs – delivering much needed milk to the guests free of charge for almost as long as the program has been in action. Where shelter and support are the aim of the game – sometimes it’s just a warm smile and cup of tea that can turn a bad day around.

Hanna Richardson and Anne Bennett at Safe Space Open Day
Anne Bennett (R) with Hanna Richardson at HCM Open Day

Without the support of Ashgrove, that’s something we might not be able to provide as often at the Safe Space programs.

Established in 1852, HCM was the first City Mission in Australia and is the third oldest Mission in the world. HCM offers assistance to those who need it most in the Southern Tasmanian community by providing emotional, physical and financial support and guidance.

You can donate to the Hobart City Mission Winter Appeal here.

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