Tasmania's Most Unusual Flavours


"Tasmania's food scene is filled with incredible tasting experiences centred around local and seasonal ingredients. If you're the kind of traveller who seeks wild flavours that stray from the norm, the island offers a remarkable collection of makers specialising in unique creations made with the very best produce.

No matter which corner of Tasmania you decide to explore, you'll find inventive producers carving out their culinary niche. We've partnered with Tourism Tasmania to highlight the region's most imaginative farmers, fishers and distillers - let's dig in.

Ashgrove Cheese has made exceptional dairy products for over two decades. Set between Launceston and Devonport, the sprawling farm's free-roaming cows produce everything from Cheddar and Havarti to Gloucester and Fetta. However, no visit is complete without a sample of Ashgrove's extra sharp wasabi cheese.

Using Tasmanian-grown wasabi to add delicate but zesty heat, it's perfect on an adventurous cheese platter or melted into a steak. Head to Elizabeth Town in northern Tasmania to enjoy a pasture-to-plate menu across breakfast and lunch. There's even a fancy 'High Cheese' selection served with tea, coffee and sparkling wine. Who's hungry?"

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